Tea for every mood

Posted by Sally on February 22nd, 2010

I love tea. If I want to sit back and relax or settle an upset stomach or nerves a nice hot cup of tea is always at the top of my list of quick fixes.

I found this really interesting article detailing 6 different types of tea for different moods. The first one I found of particular interest because I would like to cut back on my coffee and as the article suggest, black tea is a lite caffeine fix. Perfect!

Other teas listed include chai, barley, green and fruit flavored.

Read the full article here.

A Dynamic Workout – Boxing

Posted by Sally on February 3rd, 2010

Boxing offers a dynamic whole-body work-out, check out this video to learn more.

HOW TO: 1-min Fat Burning Exercise for Multi-Taskers

Posted by Sally on February 2nd, 2010

Short on time? Always multi-tasking? Try this 1-minute total body fat burning exercise which includes all the major muscle groups, including your abs.

Another year…..

Posted by Sally on January 1st, 2010

Gosh, it is hard to believe another year has passed by. 2009 was an interesting year for me and on reflection, probably not one of my best.

My work and an injury later in the year really did put a bit of a dent in the spirits and I must admit that I was quite happy to say goodbye to 2009 and a big hello to 2010!

Although I felt like I let myself down last year in relation to changing jobs, which by the way I really must do this year otherwise I may go completely mad! I am very thankful that everyone I love continued to be healthy and reasonably happy in 09. The thing I am most grateful for is that I got to spend another wonderful year with my dear Nan who despite losing her leg a few years back continues to amaze us all with her fighting spirit. She is 84 this year and I am incredibly proud to have her in my life. Nan is a true inspiration to me and everyone she meets and a true blue Aussie, good on ya Nan! ;-)

Exercise and diet have remained pretty stable although Christmas was a challenge, as always.
Today we hiked for 3 hours, it was great to be back outdoors and enjoying the West Australian coast and bush. We are so darn lucky in this great land downunder.

My focus this year is get myself sorted work wise as it has slowly been dragging me down for sometime. That being said, I am incredibly grateful that I have a job and thankful I live in a State that offers many opportunities in a World still struggling with finance and employment.

I wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2010, lets work together to make ourselves the very best we can be this year and beyond. Don’t dwell on the past as there is nothing you can do to change it, look to the future with fresh optimism and a simple promise to do the very best you can and not lie to yourself when you don’t.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

1-min Fat Burning Exercise for Multi-Task

Posted by Sally on November 23rd, 2009

Try this 1-minute total body fat burning exercise which includes all the major muscle groups, including your abs and butt! Join Stephen Cabral and Sarah and they show you how to do a deadlift, bicep curl, overhead press.

Back and Shoulder Exercises

Posted by Sally on October 28th, 2009

Craig from TurbulanceTraining.com has a great instructional video on using dumbbells to help shape and define your back and shoulders.

In this video you will see Craig using a pretty heavy set of dumbbells, it is not necessary for you to do the same – it is important that you are comfortable so find a weight that works for you.

Small Steps

Posted by Sally on October 27th, 2009

It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves overwhelmed by the task of losing weight and getting fit.

For some, years of crash dieting and expired gym memberships tell a tale of inconsistent effort. Others, simply never get to the point of really trying. In both situations, the impact is pretty much the same.

You look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see. All those years of not caring, eating whatever you want and not exercising come flooding back. A rush of anger or dismay as you continue to assess your body only compounds all the emotions you are feeling at that exact moment.

It is then often replaced with a resolve to do something about it. To start working out and eat right. But as the day goes on, the week draws to a close, all of that resolve starts to wane and you are left feeling disappointment, confusion and anger at your inability to hold on to all those emotions you felt when looking at the mirror.

Most will just give in to it. Deciding it’s all too hard. Some will continue on and achieve what they set out to do. But for those who don’t or can’t, I have two words for you

Small Steps

It is really easy to jump straight in when you first feel the need to shed the weight and get in shape. Many will cut out food groups including some they really shouldn’t. Lots of you will try and skip entire meals altogether, thinking that it will help to lose weight – it won’t by the way.

Quite a few of you will jump online and do a google search “lose weight” how to lose belly fat” how to lose weight quickly” “30 minute exercise routines”, etc.

The intention is all really great, the problem is that it can be very overwhelming. Information overload is rarely a good thing and there is so much good and bad advice out there that you can be left wondering where to start.

I have two words for you

Small Steps

Resist the urge to jump on to a fad diet regime. Don’t rush out and buy a room full of exercise equipment..odds are in 12 months you won’t be using it.

Instead, take stock of your situation. Look in your fridge and pantry and be honest about what food is in there. Do you have a mix of fresh fruit and veg? How much package, processed food is on the shelves?

Odds are, it’s probably not a good picture. But that’s okay, you can change that.

Throw out the rubbish and head down to your local store and stock up on healthy foods. Our blog has some great lists of foods and food groups to get you started.

Start walking everyday.

Find activities you enjoy doing, perhaps it’s playing some football with your kids or taking them down to the park for a day out.

Cut your portion sizes and use smaller plates. It will be hard to start with and many will find they are hungry after their meals. If you are hungry then check out these posts for tips on eating well and not getting hungry.

1. 7 Tips to Stop Eating After Dinner
2. Know your portions
3. The Benefits of Beans
4. Healthy Snacks On The Move
5. Random Stumble – Six Uncommonly Known Power Fruits
6. Random Stumble- Oatmeal Is The Perfect Breakfast For A Long Day

If you need the motivation, visit a gym and check it out. Be honest with yourself though, can you commit to visiting your gym on a regular basis? If you are going to buy a membership, you really have to use it and not for a few months but for the entire length of your membership. If you don’t commit then you are only letting yourself down and will inevitably end up back to where you started.

Find a buddy. It might be your partner, friend or co-worker. Find someone who wants to be fit and healthy as badly as you do and commit to each other to push one another when it’s needed.

Small Steps can yield big results. It’s a bit like saving money. It’s fairly common knowledge that if you put in small deposits each week on a regular basis one day you will have amassed a small fortune.

The same applies with fitness and your health.

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