Micky Dee Never More Than 107 Miles Away

Posted by Sally on September 24th, 2009

So this post isn’t really news worthy but I found it interesting, especially as I work in community health and this helps to visualize just what we are up against in changing peoples eating habits.

A very smart guy has charted all of the Micky Dee’s in the US and produced this pretty impressive picture. I’m sure it is comforting to know that a Micky Dee is never more than 107 miles away…good grief.


You can check out the blog with details on why he decided to create this image.

Diabetes increases cancer mortality risk

Posted by Sally on December 16th, 2008

cnn.com reports:
Two of the most common diseases in the United States — cancer and diabetes — are not often linked together in the public mind. But they may have a stronger link than most people think. Cancer patients who already have diabetes have a greater chance of dying of the disease than cancer patients who do not have the blood-sugar disorder, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

If researchers can tease out the reason why, they might have an opportunity to reduce cancer deaths by focusing on diabetes-related health problems, says lead author Frederick Brancati, M.D., a professor of medicine and epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore, Maryland.

About 24 million people in the United States have diabetes, and about eight to 18 percent of newly diagnosed cancer patients also have the disease.

Kerryn McCann loses battle with cancer

Posted by Sally on December 8th, 2008

Some very sad news today with the passing of Australia’s Commonwealth gold medalist, Kerryn McCann after a battle with breast cancer.

Kerryn was a dual Commonwealth Games marathon gold mealist and mother to three young children. She was only 41 years old.

Kerryn was an inspiration to many people in Australia, especially when at 38 years of age she defended her Commonwealth title in Melbourne, powering home over the final 200m to clinch gold just two seconds ahead of Kenyan Hellen Cherono Koskei.

Kerryn was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of last year during her pregnancy. She delayed having chemotherapy until after her sons birth.

They induced an early labour at 34 weeks and she begun an 18 week course of chemotherapy.

Kerryn beat breast cancer but was diagnosed four months ago with liver cancer.

She leaves behind her husband, Greg and 3 children Benton, 11, Josie, 5, and Cooper, 14 months. They were at her bedside overnight when she died at their home near Wollongong in NSW.

Kerryn showed us that the greatest power we have is to never give up even when it looks like you can’t go any further or harder. She continues to inspire.

A quick note…

Posted by Sally on July 30th, 2008

Well I was asking for it. I made the fatal mistake of saying that I was fighting fit and even wrote a post sharing the fact that I had fought off a cold.

Unfortunately, my immune system decided to completely let me down last Saturday and has now made a complete and utter liar of me! I have the flu at the moment and haven’t really felt like turning on my computer.

So I apologize for the lack of posts this week. Hopefully I will be fighting fit by the weekend so business should be back to normal next week :-)

InDenial is growing!

Posted by Sally on July 9th, 2008

We are really excited to announce two new blogs that have joined the InDenial Network!

and InDenialEarth.com are now live and filling up quickly with great content.

MsPennyPincher has joined our team and is our resident blogger for
. She is a budgeting whiz keen to share her knowledge to help you get out of debt. There is no denying that struggling financially can have a huge impact on your health and life. I’ve known MsPennyPincher and her partner for many years and have watched first hand as they got themselves out of serious debt only a few short years ago to being in a very strong financial position now. Regardless of whether you are coping or not with your finances, there is sure to be plenty of great information available so head on over!

InDenialEarth.com follows my family’s journey towards reducing our carbon footprint. We are passionate about the environment and reducing our impact through sustainability.
Some of the changes we have made and general outlook on life in general has had a really positive impact on our health. By looking at how we live our life and re-assessing priorities, we have discovered one fantastic side affect, we feel better both mentally and physically.

We hope you enjoy our new additions, please bookmark the sites and subscribe!

Food Diaries help you lose weight

Posted by Sally on July 9th, 2008

I read an interesting U.S News article today about a large study that has found food diaries are a really good tool to use for losing weight.
The findings have revealed that tracking what you eat can actually double the amount of weight you can lose.

The findings were part of a weight-loss maintenance trial whose initial results were reported in March. After analyzing the data on weight loss to see which factors made a difference, researchers concluded that the more days a person kept a careful record, the more weight he or she lost. (Attending more weekly support group sessions also helped).

My partner has kept a diary for many years now and has tracked everything from food, exercise and weight. About 5 years ago she lost around 33 pounds and believes that the diary was pivotal to her success in not only losing the weight but also maintaining her current weight.

She is meticulous in recording daily what has been consumed which helps to identify any periods of time that have been a bit of a blow out in terms of diet. I find it quite useful as well because I can look back over time and check out dishes I once cooked that I’ve even forgotten about or haven’t cooked in a long time.
I would say that the food diary has been great for both of us in terms of a historical account of our diet and keeping track of what we are eating now.

You can also use online tools like The Daily Plate to record your food and find out how many calories are in them.

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A tribute to Jane McGrath

Posted by Sally on June 22nd, 2008

Jane and Glenn McGrathToday Australia lost an amazing woman, mother and wife.
Jane McGrath, 42 was married to one of our finest ever Australian fast bowler’s, Glenn McGrath.

Jane passed away after a long batter with breast cancer and leaves behind two beautiful young children and Glenn.
It’s really hard to know where to begin in trying to capture just how inspirational this woman was. She really did light up a room and in many ways outshone her super sportsman husband. It never did seem to bother Glenn McGrath. You could tell he was totally in-love with this beautiful, vibrant and strong woman.

Breast Cancer Pink RibbonRather than just focus on her own battle with cancer which she was more entitled to do, Jane and Glenn campaigned tirelessly, raising money and awareness of breast cancer culminating in the foundation of the McGrath Foundation.

To try and put into words how special this lady was is almost impossible but this might help to explain. My partners Dad, Bill recently visited from Texas and one night we watched one of Australia’s finest interviewers, Andrew Denton talking with Glenn and Jane McGrath. The interview was really more about Glenn and his sporting accomplishments. But Jane just had this ability to draw your attention, not intentionally. She had this calmness about her and a beaming smile. The interview quickly went from talking to Glenn to Andrew Denton being drawn to Jane and hearing about her initial diagnosis to her ongoing fight to beat this disease.
Her strength, composure, quiet determination and will to survive was an inspiration. Bill, who knew nothing of this woman or her husband was so overwhelmed by her that he didn’t take his eyes of the TV for the entire interview. I would say that there are very few people who can be so compelling and genuine as to be able to move someone who knows nothing of them to hope with all his heart and soul that she survived. I just know he will be so sad to hear of her passing when we email him later tonight.

We have lost so many amazing women like Jane to a horrible disease. Let’s hope that Jane’s fight will inspire others to carry on and for research to continue to find a cure.

To Jane’s loving family both in Australia and England, we are so sorry for your loss.

I have included the interview Jane and Glenn did with Andrew Denton and highly recommend you watch it.

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