We are living in scary times. For many, these are uncharted waters filled with hidden currents that can literally change your life in an instant.

Stories of people on the brink of losing their jobs, homes and lifestyle are becoming more common as the year goes on. The rather sobering news is the reality that things are probably not going to improve in 2009.

This is a scary time for many people in the world because the reality is we have limited control over what is happening on the global financial stage. The impact on the everyday person is significant. The certainty most of us felt in having a job or finding a new one was quite comforting. But what most of us realize now of course is that we no longer have such certainties regarding employment.

That uneasiness can have a profound affect on you, mainly because you are not in control of it.
I speak from experience here. Right now my job is very unstable and I really have no idea what the future holds for me in terms of employment.

This lack of control is extremely stressful and I would be lying to you if I said that I’ve not lost sleep worrying about the potential impact of not having a job.

Yesterday was a particularly difficult day for me, after meeting with management it certainly didn’t get any better! The news is pretty frightening and for a time I considered all of the worst case scenarios.
But then as quickly as those negative thoughts entered my mind, I stopped and said the following out loud to myself “I have no control over this, all I can do is control how I react“.

What happened next was pretty amazing. The tension in my back, neck and shoulders virtually disappeared. I felt calm and immediately made myself a cup of tea and just sat there quietly on my own.
I was in control of what could be controlled.

It’s natural to worry and I am definitely concerned about my future but I take great pride in how I handled the situation yesterday. There is an inner strength that you gain when making the choice to take control of the things you can and to let go of the ones you can’t.

Having control over your actions has a profound impact on your life. It becomes easier to set goals and achieve them. To say no to those burger and fries you want but know you shouldn’t.

Please take the time to consider those things in your life that are causing you stress right now and think about what is in your power to control and those that aren’t.

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